Body positivity

insecurities, empowerment, self-love.

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I’ve been working on a new collection for some time now. This one is close to my heart: Body positivity. The way you see yourself is, so many times, not how others see you. Most people feel different, ugly and all kinds of negative things about themselves and their body. Thoughts telling you your body needs to look a certain way. Due to how social media and society present the perfect body, it’s more than challenging to love yours.

For me it’s also a journey that hasn’t been finished. For a long time I hated my length and felt that people wouldn’t see me as I am. Since a couple of years I feel that it’s something that represents me. And I’m feeling more comfortable with it. Sometimes my thoughts still tell me: “you are ugly, you are too small, your legs are fat..”. Knowing these thoughts are toxic is the first step.

The new collection “body positivity” is about the struggle of finding your own beauty. It consist of 8 paintings and one limited edition print. The two lines on the paintings show how you think about yourself and how others look at you.

Every body is beautiful regardless of gender, size, race or physical ability. The body is capable of so many things: creating and growing a baby, showing you when it’s time to rest, keeping you comfortable and warm. When you look in the mirror tonight, please appreciate your imperfections. They make you YOU. And your body is amazing!

Photo’s by: Lysanne Koeslag Photography